People Who Will Know You Filed for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a sensitive matter for everyone. We all have our own reasons that we may be struggling financially. We may have become injured and can no longer work, we were laid off, our spouse may have gotten sick, or we have expanded our family. These are all the things that make it more difficult for us to meet our financial obligations. So, when these things happen, we consider filing for bankruptcy. However, we are worried that our friends and family may find out. We are embarrassed about our financial situation and do not want everyone to know.

It is a myth that everyone will find out you filed for bankruptcy. Only the people you want to know about your bankruptcy will know outside of the attorney you hire to represent you and the judicial system. The only other people that will be able to find out are potential creditors, but that isn’t forever. Your bankruptcy will disappear from your credit report over time. So, no one will know in your personal life that you do not want to know. They will only know if you tell them yourself.

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At Elmy Law, P.C., we help our clients through the entire bankruptcy process. It does not matter if you want to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13; our bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the process. There is also no need to worry about anyone finding out that you are filing for bankruptcy. Privacy is a part of our services and the bankruptcy procedure. The only way a friend or family member will know is if you tell them. The bankruptcy process is long and complex though. You will need some assistance to get through it. That is what our lawyer is here for. Contact our bankruptcy attorney today to begin filing for bankruptcy!